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The beginning March 27, 2009

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Welcome to my little space on the web.

I am here to develop myself and my brand as I progress through the creation of myself, my creativity, and my own brand. My husband the business man insists that branding this the most important part me the free spirit demands that creativity is the most important part. Right now I’m just discovering and developing me, my style, and my ideas. This blog will be a record of that journey and a place to inspire others and share what I learn.

I hope you enjoy what you find in this blog. I hope to begin testing and creating tutorials as my experiments progress. However, untill then I plan on trying out a whole lot of tutorials and sharing the results with you!

Until next time … Get creative!

~By LuLu


2 Responses to “The beginning”

  1. trashalou Says:

    Speaking as an ex-marketing/p.r. person let me agree with your husband. Brand establishes so much more than just a name. It embodies your philosphy, your view of your work. It identifies where you see yourself in a market. It lets people know what to expect (how ever unconciously they may do this).

    Of course without the creative spark there is no product to market;-) ….

  2. Hello

    I first want to thank you for visiting my blog
    I wish you good luck for the creation of tour brand
    I am very interested by following you in this adventure
    I share the same goals more or less but I am vey slow
    Fortunately my husband is my 1st supporter

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