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Label Update May 31, 2009

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So after entering hundreds of  Sew Mama, Sew giveaway entries I decided that I had been neglecting my own blog. So I’m here to finish my first topic of labels. I decided to skip the stamping labels because I’m not quite sure I want to get into carving my own stamps yet. I’ll need some more time to research and practice before I attempt that! However I did find that both the Iron on and the Printed labels both work nicely. I’m a bigger fan of the fabric printed ones that I made using this tutorial.  They just look a lot more professional, are neater, and stand up a little better in the washer. That being said, the fabric embroidered ones that you order online still hold up a lot longer.

Next post I promise to get some pictures of all the crafts I’ve been upto! The sewing machine has been going almost daily over here! 🙂

Until next time – Get Crafty!



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