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Label Update May 31, 2009

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So after entering hundreds of  Sew Mama, Sew giveaway entries I decided that I had been neglecting my own blog. So I’m here to finish my first topic of labels. I decided to skip the stamping labels because I’m not quite sure I want to get into carving my own stamps yet. I’ll need some more time to research and practice before I attempt that! However I did find that both the Iron on and the Printed labels both work nicely. I’m a bigger fan of the fabric printed ones that I made using this tutorial.  They just look a lot more professional, are neater, and stand up a little better in the washer. That being said, the fabric embroidered ones that you order online still hold up a lot longer.

Next post I promise to get some pictures of all the crafts I’ve been upto! The sewing machine has been going almost daily over here! 🙂

Until next time – Get Crafty!



Labels and Tags – Part One April 3, 2009

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So as promised I tried out making my own labels using the Allyson Hill Tutorial. I know I have 2 more types of labels to try. (see previous post) I am going to try the iron on labels tonight I think .

As for the printable fabric I followed Allyson Hill’s Tutorial and every thing came out GREAT! The only problem with the first batch is that they were created by me in Word. So they weren’t the fancy 2 sided labels that Allyson had…. BUT for my birthday my hubby got me Label Factory Deluxe 3.0 and I LOVE it!! It made making the lables a lot more stress free. That being said I would have easily survived with plain ol’ word. *but being spoiled is nice too* The only semi consern with these tags is that they were time consuming when putting the fray check on them, but I would (and will) do this again.

The iron on labels

The iron on labels

With the iron on labels – the first problem I had was finding a way to print in reverse… as I had never done it before. After Hubby Got me Label Factory deluxe 3.0 though that was no problem!! The program has a setting for Iron on transfer paper and does all the flipping automatically (so you don’t forget!!) printing this way i was able to get almost 90 labels on a page. Which is quite impressive for one sheet of paper. Since you don’t have to allow for seam allowances on the iron on lables its easy to fit a bunch on a page. This method could easily be done in word as long as you remember to flip it for printing in reverse. I think this method would give you the ability to customize a lot, but they don’t look as professional as the ones done on printable fabric.

Now I’m off to sew theses on to a large scrap of fabric and see how they hold up to washing and drying and washing and drying and washing and drying… you get the picture. I’ll post more when I see how they stand up to the washing.

Labels before wash

Labels before wash

The last method of stamping the labels on I’m really looking forward to, but I’ve still got to get the fabric pigment or ink or what ever its called and a stamp. I may try it with a plain jane smiley face or what ever I have around here instead of having one custom made right away, but I LOVE the idea of being able to make Tag less Clothing…. Especially for the little ones… *I know I hated tags!!*

Until next time — Be creative!!



The first order of business! March 27, 2009

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My goal for this weekend and upcoming week is to create tags for my creations. I have read a few tutorials that I am looking forward to testing out and seeing what works best for me. They all seem fairly easy once you get the basic design down. I will test my success (I hope) or at least be able to show you what not to do!

The first tutorial I am going to try is Allyson Hill’s method using printable fabric. *edit* I found a way to make your own fabric paper HERE. Of course I found it after I bought mine!

The second method I am going to attempt is my own idea of iron on transfer paper.

The third method is from Instructables and deals with stamping on ribbon with fabric ink.

I hope to have my labels designed tonight and be able to start the experimenting and testing tomorrow!! We’ll see..

Until then… Be Creative!

~By LuLu